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Welcome to my Portrait Studio

At the moment I am Resident artist at

Grail Springs Spa in Bancroft , Ontario Canada

and I have been doing what I like to call "INNER LANDSCAPES Portraits"

where I endevour to bring the INNER essence or SPIRIT to life of my Models with their individual magical imagry

I like to work in colaboration with my model as we decide on possible images that may help to define this spirit ,...and once I have enough to move forward with,

I take many photos of the sitter ,and work with these and even with ones provided by them to possibly add other times and dimetions to the piece.

Its an exciting process for me and I believe for the sitter as we create together . the painitng takes on it own life and expression of the subject

below are a few recent examples of this special process

I am excitied to share these latest works with you

Click on some of these works for a brief description..and or a LARGER view of the piece..... john

BELOW are Less recent works..

that also follow my vision of giving expression to the Essence & Spirit of the subject

as apposd to just the more traditional outer mask we wear day to day














Below are a couple of more traditional portraits and caricatures, pastel and oil , that also do on a commission basis

please inquire if this is the direction you would prefer

And finally a very

Brief portrait history of John

John has been doing portraits professionally since 1967. He learned his craft working in the streets and squares of the world working with (and in competition with) some of the best portraitists the world has to offer!

Early in his career John worked in cooperation with a number of National and World fairs, EXPO '67 Montreal Canada and Hemisfair 1968, San Antonio, Texas and The Canadian National EX '68 to'74.

As a result his portrait work is hung internationally.

He worked and studied in Europe - Paris, Montmartre 1972-75, 92 and studied old master techniques with a Louvre copyist

For the last 25 years in Queenstown, New Zealand

now he is living & working as resident ARTIST

at the beautiful Grail Spring Retreat in Bancroft Ontario

From his vast reservoir of experience he can produce for you, a museum quality piece in just about any style or medium you desire!


for his CV , please click here




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