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jimi Hendrix-'Angel' ink on board- 45x22"

only $2000 (for the original ink on board)

dug I duI recently unearthed my old Jimi Hendrix drawings from my pop festival days(late 1960's)

I think this one truly stands the test of time (now approx 40years!!??)
It is my interpretation of one of his last songs called 'Angel'

I did it basically for me for myself way back then

tly I was involved in oneof my many moves and I had a look a this piece that

It has been packed away all these years and I realized it was time to share,

very briefly ,...I will try and tell you my interpretation of his song Angel

....In this song ANGEL ...he says a one point "Angel asked me to go away with her...etc" ,(suicide??)
its a lovely short song and very lyrical
and it was just before his suicide (or drug overdoes , whatever )
but I saw that while he made the voice and words of this Angel sound good or let say idealistic

the Angel could also have been seen as the dark angel (the devil?) ,

so if you take that into a count , and you turn the picture around 180 degrees , you will see the other side of the coin)
and there's is the dark angel , tempting jimi to go away with Her and his face twisted in turmoil.

so he romantically was depicting his exit with the white side (the good angel)

standing all alone on his watch-tower,

but deeper down it could have been, choices truly made from his dark side ,...we will never know ..!?

all I know is I wish he had stayed , and taken his genius in music further

this is my tribute to a special musician

I hope he traveled with his White Angel

,...Enjoy .John


I have decided to make a giclee print 24x18", limited edition ,

are now available ONLY $150 (CN$)

please contact me here if you are interested, email to . jparson@nexicom.net



the beauty is in the detail of this piece and below are some closer details of the drawing/painting


the White Angel come to temp him


here his head is all over the universe (space capsule and all)



and when the drawing is turned over, there sits the Dark Angel tempting


airplanes fly over his shirt....


and to the right is another Hendrix drawing from my

Bubble Phase as I came to call it.

this drawing lead to a series of posters done for the

Toronto Pop Festival in 1969

and teh Rock & Rol revival 1969








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