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here is what I feel is a special painting


Paths(and doors) oil-48x48"

I have just completed this large painting PATHS (and doors) , an oil (48x48") 
I am excited to finally to be able to share it with you all.

for this card I have constructed a painting , 
with my personal ideas plus a touch of the influences of MC Escher ,
that evolved in my special painting 'In Eschers Steps' , that I did a couple of years ago ,

... its my vision or interpretation of our yet possible and diverse journeys  
and choices(doors)that we may or may not take in life .

oops ,....I better stop!, there are already too many tangled words already ,
...I will just leave you to create your own visual journey , (or story) in or about my painting.

I thought it was about time I just let my artistic vision go and see where it took me 
I hope you enjoy what came out this time. 
It is a bit different from my previous work , 
but that's me ,.....I always like to keep turning a new page .
It keeps my artistic juices flowing ......,(AND hopefully yours as well:

,...Enjoy .John



A Beautiful giclee print 24x24/30x30", limited edition , on canvas ,

are now available ONLY $300 to $450.00 (CN$)

please contact me here if you are interested, email to . jparson@nexicom.net


and below are some closer details of the painting



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