'Portrait of a Tree'

or as Tolkien would call it

(a New Zealand ENT)

below is the whole painting, see if you can find his face(s)

as I said previously that I did this painting before the movie came out so you can imagine the fun for me of seeing the trees come to life !...John

this is a detailof the top

of the tree(with a native wood pigeon),

please scroll down and I'll show

you some of the details and fun of the painting!!

in the middle section you can see if you look

closely the old mans (or the ENT's !!) face

(with a thick white mustashe) , which is to represent

the spirit of the tree, the old tree spirit...

with his friends around (the native/fantails)

and finally below

is the area of the roots and there are some fun small faces

and even the map of New Zealand......!
















Misty Morning

oil- 24x36

that magic moment just before he sees you.