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here is what I feel is a special fpainting



It has many views , as you visually climb the stairs and trek paths,...Enjoy .John


In Escher's Steps

oil - 48x48"

A giclee print 30x30" on canavas is now available

if you are interested please email to


My latest Painting 'In Eschers Steps',...................... is a special one for me

(dare I say even a breakthrough !?)

<< as a spring board , and inspiration, I have used Eschers lithograph "Relativity",

as my base inspiration,...then I expanded it !

and fleshed it out with landscapes (mostly from the Routeburn and Milford tracks NZ) and trekking figures.

.... the result is a multi-landscape and a visual trek...

On this feature page I will show you the painting

from its three main angles , ..........................................

(1) the home position ,

(2) then the painting is rotated 90 degrees , counterclockwise

(3)the painting rotated 90 degrees from home clockwise

It is a large piece , 48x48"so the small pixilated computer screen doesn't do it great justice,

but I am excited to share it with you here.

My Brother suggested that I should mount the painting on a turntable ,

ie- a like a 'lazy-susan', so the viewer could easily turn it to access the different views presented ...

I just might do that , who knows , it will depend where it makes its home , happy trekking

I was a long journey for me, and one I enjoyed immensely , I hope you do as well.



now (BELOW) ...if we TURN the painting Counterclockwise 90 degrees

this becomes the new painting view

now (BELOW) ...if we TURN the painting Clockwise 90 degrees

this becomes the new painting view

and below are some closer details of some of the figures in the painting


A beautiful giclee print 30x30", limited edition , on canvas , is now available

please contact me here if you are interested, email to .




hope you enjoyed your trek..... john

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