Woodland Court


original sold but>

Archival Giclee print

on canvas >available

24" x 64" - $800 (plus shipping).

In Escher's Steps

oil 48x48"

original sold but>

Giclee Print on canvas

(numbered ?/100)

available $450- 30x30 "

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to see why or how

this piece evolved


Sky Goddess

oil and birch bark


Forest Goddess

on birch bark 24 x20"



Miners Cabin

available in giclee print

(25x21"- $350)

It is signed and numbered




oil - 16x20"

Looking UP 2

oil on birch bark -30x30 "

Ascending Dance

oil on Birch - 30x40"

Tree Totem

Oil on Birch > 6feet+

Wolf Goddess

oil on Bark - 30x40"

Guiding Hand

Oil on Birch >16 x 20"





the client(YOU:) chooses the subject that will give the Drum the voice they want for their Drum

and I go to work to create it .

click on this drum to see a few other Drums that I have completed

Wolf Watch

oil on Birch 16x20"


Snow Owl

Oil on Birch


Holey Barkin

Oil on Birch 30x40"

jp - I love the roughness of this piece and its symbology,

I call this one a contemporary cave-man painting

About John Parson


John was born in Toronto, Canada.

He graduated at the top of his class in 1970,from the Ontario College of Art in Canada and won the McLean Foundation Traveling Scholarship. In his own words," it was at this point that he began his education."

He has spent his life in the pursuit of the human spirit in the hope of giving it some form of visual expression. To this end he has practiced his painting and portraiture in many media and applied his art in an infinite variety of cultures and settings, and with each piece he has come closer to recognizing that special one within.

He has travelled the world , lived on many continents (20 yrs in New Zealand ) and now resides principally in Bancroft Ontario Canada as resident artist at the world recognized Grail Springs Spa .

He has practiced in the streets of Paris and in the Louvre, in oils and in pastel , on common subjects , and on the Masters. He has been featured in many one man shows and is collected on several continents!

As John says ,"It is the magic of combining the elusive human spirit with the beautiful world around us , that drives me these days", and his latest work is testament to his success.

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